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This is my entry for LOWREZJAM 2018. It's a rhythm-based runner/shooter.


  • Press Z to jump
  • Use the mouse to aim. (Shooting is done automatically)

This is my second entry to a game jam. I submitted my first one last weekend for Ludum Dare 42  [END OF SHAMELESS PLUG]

I went pretty far out of my comfort zone with this one. Beside never having worked on a rhythm-based game before, it's also the first time I made my own art and music. I've tried to create a bit of cyberpunkish style.  Hopefully, I succeeded at least somewhat. ;-)

It's only one level at the moment, so I'm hoping it's difficult enough so it keeps you busy for more than a minute and a half (and not so difficult that it has you banging up your keyboard). ;-)

Sorry, there's no HTML5 version. For some reason, in the HTML5 version the music was out-of-sync with the rest of the game.


Rhythmic Dystopia.zip 18 MB

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