This my entry for Ludum Dare #44. Theme: Your life is currency.

You're the last known survivor of the apocalypse. In a desperate attempt to stay alive, you make deals with the devil at an abandoned crossroads...


  • Enemies come in waves. Survive as many waves as you can.
  • Your health is restored between waves.
  • Between waves the devil appears for a short time. If you stand close enough you can sign pacts to become stronger, but you lose one max. health for each pact you sign.
  • Every 5 waves one max. health point gets restored.
  • All upgrades stack. For example: if you get piercing bullets, your bullets will pass through 1 enemy. If you get it again it will pass through 2 enemies, etc.


  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Aim
  • LMB - Fire
  • 1 - Buy upgrade 1
  • 2 - Buy upgrade 2
  • M - Mute/Unmute music

Tools/Libs used

  • Unity 2019.1
  • RetroKit (made by me): Used to create all sprites, animations, sound effects and music for this game.
  • NavMeshPlus: For path finding/object avoidance.


Source code 2 MB


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Got to wave 20! Phew that's a lota zombies!


Thanks for checking it out! :D

pretty cool!

Thanks! :)